• Jennifer McGregor

Simple Strategies to Improve Your Clients’ Health — And Your Own

As fitness and wellness professionals, you have big ideas about the best ways to improve personal health. But for clients, those goals are sometimes intimidating and can even scare some people away. Rather than focusing on the end goal, guide clients toward easy health strategies that they can incorporate into everyday life without overhauling their lifestyle.

Develop Time-Saving Strategies

A lack of time is one of the most common reasons clients don’t adopt healthier habits. However, it’s less of a scheduling issue and more of a perception issue. Break down the assumption that clients need to spend hours in the gym or kitchen to achieve their health goals by directing them to healthy activities that take minimal time. High-intensity workouts, meal prep, and meditation are among the ways clients can improve their health in 30 minutes or less.

Make Healthy Living Accessible

When a client can’t make it to a gym or training session, do they have the resources to improve their health on their own? Creating exercise videos, streaming workouts, and blogging about healthy-living strategies is a smart way to build your authority and help clients live healthfully wherever they are.

Address Pain, Anxiety, and Other Obstacles

Your clients won’t make sustained progress toward their wellness goals without addressing obstacles standing in their way. For minor pain, nausea, headache, or anxiety issues, consider guiding clients to CBD. Some people remain hesitant about CBD due to its association with marijuana, but an increasing number of research studies support CBD’s use as safe, non-intoxicating relief for minor physical and mental ailments. There’s still a lot of variability in the quality of CBD products, so do your research so you can recommend CBD oils verified to be safe and effective by third-party testing.

Emphasize the Importance of Healthcare

Some obstacles are beyond the scope of self-care. If your client has severe pain or anxiety issues, refer them to a medical professional with the training to treat it. Even healthy clients should be encouraged to visit their doctor on a regular basis. Biannual dental cleanings, too, are surprisingly important for overall health: Poor dental health is associated with systemic inflammation and can even lead to heart disease. If your client doesn’t have a regular dentist, use this online dentist locator to help them find one.

Caring for Your Own Health

As a fitness and wellness professional, you also need to care for your own health. Living a health-focused lifestyle not only gives you authority in the field, it also helps you stay up to date on the latest industry research and trends so you can better serve your clients.

Strike a Balance

As an ambassador for healthy living, looking good is important to you. However, good health isn’t just about being strong and fit or eating a clean diet — it’s about striking a balance between all the habits that promote lifelong health. If your fitness habits get in the way of a healthy sleep schedule or healthy mind, you’re not serving as the best example you could. When you learn to strike a balance in all things, you have the lived experience to help your clients do the same.

Stay Positive

Even the experts fail to maintain their healthy habits sometimes. But you know better than anyone how important it is to get back on the wagon instead of letting failures get you down. When things get difficult, remind yourself why you chose this career and lean on positive affirmations and the support of industry colleagues to build yourself back up.

There’s nothing more exciting than being on the cutting edge of the fitness and wellness industry. But as a professional, you sometimes need to step back from the big-picture ideas and think about the little things that help your clients achieve goals. When you develop health strategies that anyone can follow, you develop the tools to serve every client.

Author: Jennifer McGregor


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