• Erin Dupree

Tips on Behavior Change

Did you know the average person gains 10-15 pounds during the holiday season? With the 2019 approaching, the thing on many people’s priority lists will be behavior change. Gyms start to fill up with new memberships, more people start jogging outdoors, and people try to become more conscientious about their nutrition.

Why does it seem so hard to change our behaviors when we have the best intentions? To be successful with behavior change, you need to have a consistently positive attitude and thoughts directed at your goal. Changing behavior can make us scared, anxious and feel like we are being deprived of the things we love. Thankfully, there are now scientific case studies to show us what actually WORKS. In October 2009, the Economic and Social Research Council released studies showing that creating just a few specific goals (I'll eat a salad for lunch every day instead of "I'm going to eat healthier") leads to the best long-term results.

Create a solid game plan. First, think of a behavior you'd like to change. Keep it simple and easy to identify. Next, write down your REASONS for changing this behavior. Pump yourself up with positive affirmations and pep talk yourself in the mirror. Tell your family and support circle about your goals, and get those vibes out there. It's time. Forecast the outcome of this behavior change, and remember...this is such a good thing. Your forecast should be written in a positive way! Finally, remember to be patient with yourself. Some things take longer to change than others, and that’s totally okay! Small progressive steps lead to great change!

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