• Tyler Valencia

Are You My Neighbor?

As a fitness instructor and former fitness coordinator, creating camaraderie among fellow instructors is always a challenge. The group fitness schedule is typically back to back, and even if

you see an instructor that teaches before or after you, you barely have time to say hello! For the most part, meetings are scarce and sometimes you never meet many of your fellow instructors.

Group fitness instructors preach about community because we know that our classes are an amazing accountability tool and a bonding experience for our students; however, we often don’t take advantage of that same sense of community that we offer our students.

Today is National Good Neighbor Day, so let’s make a pact to get to know the other instructors on your team and promote their classes! Take it one step farther and take someone else’s class on your team! This is a great compliment to the other instructor and a super bonus for you to learn something. Even if you do not teach that format, you WILL learn something. It might be a different way to cue, or the way this instructor greets her/his students, ending stretches….who knows?

Remember why you got into group fitness? Probably because you love to make a difference, and it feels good! Bonding with your peers is only going to bring out more of those great feelings, because we are all in it for the same reasons. I challenge you today: be a good neighbor and get to know your fellow instructors!

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