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FitnessFest Stories: Charlene

Over the years, I have attended some extraordinary workshops at FitnessFest with June Kahn, Tricia Murphy-Madden, Mindy Mylrea, Leslie Bender, and Stacey Lei Krauss to name a few. The workshops offered are motivational, knowledge-driven and inspirational.

I had attended a workshop of Stacey Lei Krauss, who was presenting the willPower Method. I was intrigued by the description of the methods of a cardiovascular barefoot workout, as it sounded different from anything I had read about or attended at FitnessFest before. This workshop went far beyond my expectations and had such a profound impression on me that when I spoke with Stacy Lei afterward, I was inspired to sign up for the barefoot trainings and became a certified willPower instructor.

In 2016, I became barre certified by Barre-Above after attending FitnessFest workshops given by Tricia Murphy-Madden and Mindy Mylrea. The program encompasses everything that I love about fitness and their techniques and creativity were through the roof.! Not only did I enjoy the workshops, but had a lot of fun and it’s been something that I have been able to share with my classes.

I have to give credit to Janice Jaicks and her “over the top” FitnessFest staff for inviting June Kahn year after year as one of the most unique, down to earth, passionate fitness professionals I have ever met. June has introduced many phenomenal pieces of equipment in her workshops including the Body Bar and the Body Bar Flex, many of which I have purchased and incorporated into my own classes. June’s philosophy of wellness, her knowledge of Pilates, Yoga and Body Bar make her workshops sought after and they always fill up quickly. Her name is one I immediately look for as soon as the FitnessFest catalog is published.

The fitness professionals who present at FitnessFest are well-known masters at their craft and sought-out for their experience. The mere fact that they make time in their busy schedule to share their knowledge at FitnessFest is truly amazing. I have learned so much from all of the presenters over the years, from Brett Klicka, Fabio Comana, Alex McLean, Christi Taylor and of course, Len Kravitz.

The impact these professionals have had on my fitness career has made a huge difference in my teaching skills, techniques and the knowledge I share with those who take my classes. I look forward to this conference year after year and it continues to get better, which is unreal since I think it’s amazing every year...but they always come up with something to top the year before.

From registration to the last day, you are greeted with a smile, warm heart and the excitement of being at one of the best fitness conferences offered in the desert!

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