• Michelle Lasiter

Fitness Instructor Professionalism: Be a Team Player

Do you ever stick around after class? Not just to answer questions but to make sure that the next instructor shows up?

I taught a class last night and the next instructor was 15 minutes late. I didn't know what was going on, but there was a room full of members ready to Zumba and looking around at each other like "hmmm.... is she going to show?". This was a great opportunity to be a team player, take care of the members, and promote a class! So, I turned on my Turbo Kick Live music (I don't do Zumba!) and got the class warmed up. They were just happy to be moving and actually ended up liking the warm up! They asked "what was that?!" and then asked when I taught that class.

The instructor finally showed up (emergency situation) and everything was totally fine; the members were super thankful too. So, stick around! Make sure the next instructor is there -- you never know what could be going on.

Part of being a group fitness instructor is being a team player and being willing to sub classes and help out when needed. This also affects your evaluation that is completed by your director or coordinator, as they consider ALL parts of the job (which includes teamwork).

Be a good role model and be there for the members, because that's ultimately who we are there for, right?

Remember, group fitness isn't an individual sport...we are all on the same TEAM!

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