• Tyler Valencia

10 Foods to Help Beat the Heat

With temperatures in Arizona projected to be almost 120° this weekend, every tasty tip and hack for hydration is welcomed! Of course we drink LOTS of water, but here are ten great suggestions for other items you may want to add to your grocery list this summer:

1. Fruits with high water content -- Watermelon, papaya, oranges, strawberries...take your pick or make a fruit salad! Raw fruit has higher water content, and you also have the option of juicing.

2. Mint -- Not only does it have a cooling taste, mint promotes good digestion and soothes an upset stomach. Adding mint to your water is an inexpensive way to jazz it up a little bit, too.

3. Milk -- Say what?! Yes, studies have shown that milk is not just a nice source of calcium, but is also more effective in re-hydration than sports drinks. Fat-free or skim milk is best in this case, as the fat in whole milk can delay fluid replacement.

4. Eggplant -- High in water and fiber, eggplant is a unique addition to your dishes. Just avoid frying it, as it will soak up most of the oil.

5. Popsicles -- You can make a popsicle out of just about anything. Let's hear your best concoctions in the comment section below!

6. Carrots -- Survey says...packed full of water and vitamins to keep you hydrated! Grab a bag of baby carrots for easy snacking for less than $2 at most grocery stores.

7. Yogurt -- It's true. Google it.

8. Coconut Water -- Although nothing beats plain old H2O, coconut water is a good alternative drink that is full of electrolytes and relatively low in sugar.

9. Frozen grapes -- Heck yes! Pop a bag of grapes in the freezer and eat them by the handful for a delicious, hydrating snack with a refreshing texture. These will make your mouth so happy!

10. Gazpacho -- Because nobody wants to eat hot soup in 120°.

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