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A Look Back at 2015‏!

Where does the time go?!

Doesn't it seem like after the energy of the New Year has died down and the resolution hype settles, we tend to sweep last year into the archives with all the rest and press on with what we're doing? Do we take enough time to reflect and appreciate a whole year's worth of events, accomplishments, failures, lessons learned? What changed? What improved? What made us happier?

We thought we'd share a few of our own milestones from 2015 that made it a good one.

How about you? Seriously -- we want to know! Shoot us an email and tell us about something great that happened in your life last year.

Sending you a Wi(high)Fi(ve)!

The FitnessFest Team

Janice has had some exciting changes in 2015. Business-wise, one of the biggest accomplishments was hiring Lucia (our graphic design artist) who is working in-house on all our marketing and advertising pieces! We're not sure what we did without her! We also designed a new FitnessFest logo in 2015, and the biggest business change is that after six years at the JCC in Scottsdale, FitnessFest has moved to DoubleTree by Hilton for our 19th annual Phoenix conference! In her personal life, Janice is expecting her second grandchild -- a boy this time! She is also taking a writing class at a local community college. Janice says, "it's the story of my life -- I'm pretty sure it will be a best seller!"

2015 was a wonderful year for Connie. She was given lots of opportunities, both professional and personal. She has been presenting aquatic workshops for AquaCon and FitnessFest here in Arizona, and enjoys sharing her passion for aquatics with others. This year, Connie had the honor of presenting two workshops at the International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC) in Tampa, Florida. Her Water Warrior/Running Deep workshop was one the largest attended at the conference. Connie has also been working on her 200 RYT in the last year and hopes to add that designation soon. In her free time, Connie enjoys her running habit and has hooked up with several runners from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who she met through a swim client. She raced several events with them and did her 6th Marathon in Milwaukee. Connie continues to love teaching, coaching, and being inspired by adult swimmers (beginners to Ironman!).

Lucia gets to claim that one of her biggest accomplishments was joining our team in September of 2015! She also joined her new band -- The Fallen -- and they perform locally at clubs nearly every weekend. They are gaining more and more popularity, and we're pretty sure it's because they have her as their lead singer! Insider secret: she used to be a famous singer in Mexico in another life (true story!). Lucia auditioned for America's Got Talent in 2015 too, which took a lot of nerve as far as we're concerned, even though performing is second nature to her. And to top it all off, she and her husband John opened Vapor Maiden, a local vape shop that started off with a bang!

Joanna and her husband Jeff bought a new 1970 Mustang convertible in 2015! They enjoy traveling around Arizona with the top down and the wind blowing in their hair. And although she doesn't enjoy her husband always working on the car in the garage...or watching the savings account dwindle down on car parts...it's still FUN! 2015 was also the year she committed to working out. Unfortunately, she got injured recently and has had to scale back, but is thinking of new ways to get back into the game. Between her road trips, party planning, working and working out -- we'd say 2015 was jam-packed for this gal too!

Gretchen's big BIG news of 2015 (of course) is having her baby boy, Colin. Colin is the joy of her life -- and so incredibly cute! She is learning to balance being a working mom with mom-mom now, which (as many of us know) is not easy! She also finally got a new car...which, if you saw her old car, you know is HUGE news. And if that wasn't enough in the life-change department, she also helped husband Matt start his own business. Carter Construction & Remodeling is now up and running, so they can kiss "free time" goodbye for at least the next decade!

Libby's 2015 was a year of great change. She says she feels lucky to be able to work with the same amazing people as well as our new additions. She took over the role of swim coordinator, and has been able to make some much-needed changes in the swim program while working closer with the swim instructors and staff. As far as personal milestones go, Libby's son Ridge is a year and a half and started walking and talking (and is the best swimmer in swim class, of course)! Libby also decided to enroll in cooking school in 2015 to start pursuing her love of food and cooking - so she's another busy mama bee!

Drop us a line and let us know what was special for you in 2015! Let's give each other a pat on the back, a thumbs up, and a congratulations on another year of LIFE!

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