• Tyler Valencia

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messaging, iPhones, iPads and iPods – OMG! Can’t we just meet for lunch and talk face-to-face anymore?! Depending on your taste for technology, you may or may not be up on the latest tools of the trade.

I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy to have to have a password for everything! Banks, I get that; but Penney’s, Southwest Airlines, Amazon, Pinterest, and so on?! And have you ever had to put in one of those funky codes? They dishevel and distort the letters and numbers so badly you just cannot read them! The older I get, the harder it is for me to remember my passwords. Then, of course, I have to remember my user name too!

I was advised to put all my passwords in a password keeper. A password keeper is an app on my phone (do you know what an app is?!). I had about 30 passwords in there, user names, notes about my passwords and my user names… Guess what?! My iPhone got updated without it being ‘backed up’ and I lost the whole lot of them! My kid then says to me, “Oh don’t worry, it’s backed up in the cloud”. Whaaaat? The cloud? What do you mean it was backed up in the clouds? This boiled down to being an issue with storage, because I was ignoring my phone when it kept telling me to give it more storage. Storage, what’s that?! And it goes on.

“Post that to your page, Janice,” the girls in my office tell me. Excuse me? But I do find out so many things on Facebook. Like who died. How sad is that? I mean, maybe it’s a good way to get the word out to a lot of people…but nothing is sacred anymore. What about calling your best friends to say “I’m engaged” instead of posting to your Facebook page and waiting desperately to see how many Likes you get?!

Alas, I continue to try to be cool. I use LOL (which I thought meant lots of laughs and which I still think makes more sense than laughing out loud anyways) and IDK (translation: I don’t know). But when was the last time I wrote someone a letter? A real letter! Or received one? My son doesn’t even know where to place a postage stamp! That is 100% true, BTW.

I love technology. I rely on it (too much). So, I also hate it. If something goes wrong, I’m screwed! I must keep in mind that the best relationships and connections I have made are those where I’ve sat across the table from someone. Facial expressions, body gestures, and ongoing real talk happens in person. More becomes of the connection and its outcome when this type of meeting takes place. The things that come out of a real conversation are way beyond what an email could do, or a status update to your social media…IMO.

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