• Tyler Valencia

How to Keep a Summer Vibe in Your 9 to 5

Updated: Feb 10

Plan your meals – Meal planning is one of the best ways to stay organized in the new school year. Taking a few extra minutes on the weekend to meal plan can help you eat more nutrient-dense meals, avoid extra trips to the grocery store, and help you avoid hangry children (and spouses). Here are three ways to plan out your weekly fare:

1. Download an app – there are great apps to help you make the most of your meals, even an awesome free option!

2. Try a meal service – this meal service provides individual meal options from dinners only to three meals and three snacks in a day, and this one provides meals for families too.

3. Use an online planner – this online meal planner helps you to choose meals for your family based on many different criteria (and for only a few bucks per month). This is the best option for anyone struggling with dietary restrictions.

Find a little relaxation – Just because school is back into full swing doesn’t mean you have to become a “soccer parent”. You can harness a little of that laid-back summer vibe all year round by remembering these easy tips:

1. Yoga breathing – this isn’t just for yoga class! Use this trick to take a mini mind vacation. It takes less than 10 minutes and can make a world of difference.

2. Relax…do it! – yoga breathing just isn’t cutting it? Try one (or all) of these 5 tips.

3. Exercise – you know that though! So instead of reading about it from another site, share your favorite ways to exercise for relaxation below in the comments!

Reward yourself – Summer is the ultimate reward for kids, because with time off from school they have tons of time to do all the things they love. Make this fall (and winter, and spring) your favorite time of year with some fun and rewarding grown-up fun!

1. Staycation – use any weekend to try out a staycation! With these tips you can make the most of you time “away”!

2. “Glamping” – think Troop Beverly Hills. Use these fun backyard camping ideas and you can have a “night out” or bring the kids to join!

3. Be selfish – just for a day, get a babysitter (or ask friends or grandparents) and do something you love. With great weather just around the corner, you could go for a hike, take a drive or just relax at home!

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