• Tyler Valencia

How to Host an Indoor BBQ

With temperatures rising, it’s not always an appealing idea to have a cookout during the hotter months. On top of that, some of us may not always have an outdoor grill available. So how do we satisfy our cravings for deliciously grilled food and the enjoyment of having friends over for a barbeque?

Having an indoor barbeque is the perfect solution! Using the ideas below, you’ll be the talk of all your family and friends (who will secretly wish they had thought of this before)!

  • Stage your cookout! Cover your dining room table with a checkered tablecloth, stack paper plates and plastic silverware in a basket, and serve canned or bottled beverages out of a cooler filled with ice. Be sure to have some mellow summertime music playing the background to create a laid-back, fun atmosphere for your guests.

  • Select sides wisely! This is the easy part, because even traditional barbeque side dishes aren’t typically made on the grill. Choose things like coleslaw, pasta salad, baked beans, potato salad – just like you’d bring to any other grill gathering! Having a fresh garden salad is also an easy addition.

  • What about the meat? Here’s where it gets a little trickier, but nothing you can’t handle to make

  • Add a cherry on top! Want to give your guests a sweet surprise after they’ve stuffed themselves full of your delectable dinner? Bring out a tub of good ol’ fashioned vanilla ice cream, have some toppings on-hand, and toss them a spoon! Wrapping up with a round of ice cream sundaes will seal your indoor barbeque success!

Now start planning!

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