A place for fitness professionals to hang out and chat about current topics with international presenters, keynote speakers, group fitness leaders, personal training pros, and others!

1- What social media platforms work best for you?

2- Where should a beginner start?

2A - What were some of the mistakes you learned through trial and error?

3- What are some key pieces you use to develop content?

4- What type of platforms are great for storing content to sell?

4A - What privacy settings do you recommend on YouTube and Vimeo?

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3PM Arizona Time

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6PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Sean Sewell - Sean is a Colorado mountain man that enjoys training his clients to enjoy the great outdoors. Using simple and effective training tools - TRX, kettlebells and body weight - along with intelligent programming - to improve health and fitness. Sean is the owner of Engearment and Colorado Personal Fitness, and lives in Denver, CO with his wife.

Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) - Tyler is the President of the Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists (KIPS) and Kettlebell Concepts. Since 2016, KIPS has been selling and developing online and live education for health and fitness professionals. Tyler has been a presenter on the fitness speaking circuit for the last 4-years, lecturing on topics such as sport performance, personal trainer business development and fitness industry marketing strategies.

McCall Tycksen, BS - McCall is a former middle school health teacher and high school drill team coach, McCall set off to travel the world as a professional ballroom/Latin dancer. McCall and her husband have three beautiful children...and McCall is bringing her infections energy to everything she does, creating spaces that leave everyone feeling welcome, comfortable and excited about fitness! As a HIGH Fitness GURU, McCall trains and mentors other instructors across the country and empowers others with this crazy, fun, intense workout program!

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