Putting Together a Complete Program

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Aqua Progressions I: Putting Together a Complete Program


This extensive training course is all about creating a safe and effective water exercise program for all populations. The course includes choreography, modifications for special populations including older adults, how to make smooth transitions, ways to change intensity, understanding water principles and much more. Leave with over one hundred movements and choreography for three separate class formats: 1) Aqua Aerobics for All Populations, 2) Noodles for Core, and 3) Tabata (interval training in the water). Learn everything you need to put together a complete one-hour aqua class, then break into groups where you and your team create a personalized routine based on the choreography and information you have been shown in the Aqua Progressions I Training course.


What you’ll get with Aqua Progressions I:

-4-hour online lecture including PowerPoint slides

-LIVE 4-hour pool practical with creator Janice Jaicks

-Certificate of Completion including 8 CEUs

-Aqua Progressions Manual

-Laminated Choreography (including diagrams)

-A concrete plan that will improve your current classes or help land you an aquatic position in the field

-A test to assure that you have retained all the information